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Should you apply for a partner visa onshore? Or will you apply offshore? Partner MIGRATION made simple
Perhaps you are already onshore in Australia and you are seeking assistance with a partner visa application onshore.  Or possibly you require assistance with some other type of visa for Australia. can assist with all subclasses of Australia Visas spanning all migration programs including skilled migration, family migration and humanitarian programs.

Other visas include for example Bridging Visas (these are not substantive visas and are issued to keep non citizens lawful such as while they await a decision outcome, a merits review process or for purposes of departing Australia as examples).   If you apply onshore for a partner application and your existing visa expires you will be left on a Bridging Visa unless you hold some other substantive visa.

The list of visa subclasses is exhaustive and knowing the correct subclass or in some cases the most expedient visa pathway is essential.  Your existing visa may or may not enable you to lodge an onshore partner visa application.  Your circumstances may or may not enable you to lodge an onshore partner application.  For example you may be engaged only and want to apply for a Prospective Marriage Visa (fiance relationship only) - that must be applied for offshore and legislation also determines where the applicant must be at the time of lodging this application (in fact the applicant for subclass 300 Prospective Marriage visa (fiances) must be outside Australia at time of applying (lodging) the visa application) 
An agent will need to be given all the required information to properly assess your visa options including partner visa options and to properly advise you.   This information gathering consumes agent time so the sooner you provide all this info at the outset the less time will be consumed and the less likely the agent will ask a fee.   The information required will usually be sought after your initial enquiry such as by providing an enquiry a questionnaire to complete, providing any existing visa details for yourself,  supplying a copy of passport ID page and pages showing Australian entry date(s) and exit dates (as applicable) and also gathering any other relevant info about your Australian immigration history.  This may include a copy of the most recent visa application (as applicable) or may well require a Freedom of Information request where an applicant failed to keep a copy of a visa application.  Each visa application is a legal document and contains legal declarations (statements).  Also it will be necessary to  obtain contact details of your Australian partner.   There are laws regarding the number of sponsored overseas partners - your partner may or may not have sponsored a previous partner (or partners).  All this information will need to be gathered and assessed. 
You may well be in Australia on a tourist or business visa.  If you have married an Australian citizen, an Australian permanent resident or an eligible New Zealand citizen then you may be able to apply onshore for a partner visa.   In some cases a foreign national in Australia may marry a New Zealand citizen who is not an eligible New Zealand citizen - they will need to apply for a non-partner visa (subclass 461) which is a temporary visa only.  

Knowing which Australian visa subclass to apply for, and in which particular circumstances is always best assessed by a migration agent.  Even if a consultation fee is required it is far better than applying for the wrong type of visa or following a visa process that has no chance of success or that will involve a longer process than otherwise would be required.   For most partner enquiries there is no consultation fee required.

The list of visa subclasses is extensive.

Which visa subclass will you apply for ???  Have you picked the most appropriate visa subclass for your situation ????? 

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